Inside the Email Insider Summit: Day two

MPEIS Top Ten Takeaways
Martin Lieberman of ConstantContact is our man on the inside at MediaPost’s Email Insider Summit in Florida and he’s done an amazing job on boiling things down to ten  handy, yummy takeaways!

Day two of MediaPost’s Email Insider Summit was filled with more tips and pieces of advice than I have room to share here. One session was even called “45 Tips in 45 Minutes.” I tweeted many of the insights discussed by the presenters during the course of the day, but here are 10 quick takeaways:

  1. Those who subscribe to business-to-business email newsletters are more likely to be reading them on mobile devices than those who subscribe to business-to-consumer newsletters. Design them accordingly in a mobile-friendly format that is not too reliant on images.
  2. Think of your email messages like a bento box. There’s a main dish and three side items, each clearly defined. In your emails, each section should have its own defined section too with its own look and content, as appropriate. (And no, you don’t have to have three “side” dishes in your emails.)
  3. What is your brand identity? For example, are you serious or funny? Know the answer and communicate it in your emails. Always stay true to your brand.
  4. Your readers don’t have a lot of time. Get to the point. Tell them what they want and need to know, without fluff, and give them a link to click that will provide additional information.
  5. Relevancy dictates the frequency with which you should communicate with subscribers. Stop planning your email calendar around a targeted number of messages. If what you have to say isn’t relevant, don’t send your message.
  6. When collecting data from customers, ask yourself: What can I act on? If you can’t do anything with the information you collect, then don’t ask customers for it.
  7. Don’t ask demographic questions at the point of sale. Just ask for what you need to know then, which is the email address. You can always follow up with a survey or a link to your preference center and ask those questions later.
  8. Educate your staff on “the value of an email” so they understand it and are comfortable responding when a customer asks why they should sign up.
  9. Don’t be overwhelmed by technology, and don’t overwhelm your audience with technology. Just because you can use something to communicate with your customers and members, it doesn’t mean you should. Find the right marketing mix that works for you and those with whom you communicate.
  10. Don’t just ask people to become your fan or follower on a social media network. Give them an incentive to do so (e.g., exclusive sales, additional tips, etc.).

There’s one day of the Summit left. I’ll have a wrap-up for you tomorrow. In the meantime, if you’re interested in following along, check in often with the conference’s Twitter stream (hashtag #MPEIS).

What about you? What takeaways do you have from MPEIS? Add them below!

Day one recap from Martin

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