New Join The Guide Page

New Join The Guide Page

Welcome to our community

The eMail Guide is the search engine for email marketing! If your company is listed here then thousands of people looking for solutions will find you. It’s fast easy and painless to add your listing.

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Free accounts have the following listing features:

  • Website screen shot
  • Link to your site
  • Company name
  • Contact info

All the features of our free account PLUS:

  • A welcome post by our editor on our blog, linked to your listing
  • We’ll post your press releases to our blog
  • Potential customers can post comments and questions on your page for you to respond to
  • Re-tweets by us on our #TheeMailguide newswire channel
  • Got a job posting? We’ll tweet it
  • Facebook integration
  • LinkedIn integration
  • YouTube videos integrated on your page

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