New Ninja in the Hive: emfluence Interactive Marketing!

New Ninja in the Hive: emfluence email marketing

Yet another email marketing Ninja has joined The eMail Guide Hive!

Please join us in welcoming the newest Ninja: emfluence Interactive Marketing!

No other channel in history has offered the kind of influence power which email and social marketing do. Today you have the ability to reach out to millions of people with your message and to do that effectively your small or medium size business needs emfluence!

We’re thrilled to welcome emfluence to The eMail Guide’s email marketing Ninja listings!

Check out the emfluence Interactive Marketing NINJA LISTING!

Click here for the emfluence Interactive Marketing Ninja Listing!

The emfluence Interactive marketing Ninjas want to help you meet and exceed your email and social marketing goals!

A Ninja armed with power email marketing weapons for you!

The emfluence Landing Page Generator gives you and your team a powerful system that shaves days or weeks from your launch schedule, and looks really good on your bottom line.

  • Built into the emfluence Marketing Platform is a tool powerful enough to answer the question: They clicked it, now where did they go? The answer is: they go to your branded, hosted, feature-rich lead capture or conversion portal that you created using the emfluence Landing Page Generatora landing page created by you in minutes. Not in days or weeks. Minutes.

The Landing Page Generator is included in your emfluence Marketing Platform plan. Start exploring the possibilities. Call us today for an online demonstration for you and your team.

Tired of trying to fit your brand into someone else’s marketing box?
Schedule a live demo of the
emfluence™ Emailer  and Marketing Platform!

See how emfluence will help you:

  • Stay on brand
  • Stay focused on strategy
  • Get smart about creating and sending campaigns
    with Smart Template™ Technology

emfluence - Emailer Live Demo. Email Marketing Software

The team at emfluence believes it’s important to take the time to offer a personalized demo of the power, ease and flexibility of their products! An emfluence pro will guide you through a demo at your convenience and they know the products inside and out, so they can answer all your questions. No slogging through a free trial offer and wasting time trying to figure out if the product is the right fit — emfluence willl show you all they have to offer and you’ll walk away knowing emfluence is right for your needs!

Check out these great posts from Jessica Best of emfluence:

emfluence Interactive Email Marketing Ninja Listing

It’s a Ninja no-brainer! Click here to be an email marketing Ninja!

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Jeff Ginsberg

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