New Ninja in the hive! Welcome Indiemark!

Indiemark: New Ninja in the Hive

Please join me in welcoming our newest Ninja to the Hive, Indiemark! Scott Hardigree of Indiemark has been blogging with us for some time now and has demonstrated a keen insight for marketing and especially list management! We’re proud to add him to our hive of email marketing Ninjas!

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Here are five good reasons you should check out Indiemark!

  • You know you could be doing more with your email campaigns and assets but, just need some expert guidance. Indiemark has the whole package, offering: expert consulting, creative, and editorial.
  • You’re looking for the kind of expertise and insight which comes from a company with 11 years experience in the business.
  • Indiemark list management services offer list owners and publishers thoughtful ways to monetize their databases by making their lists available to 3rd party marketers.
  • Indiemark is efficient and flexible. They can take all or just a little of the load off your shoulders so, you can focus on the strategic rather than being in the trenches daily thinking tactically.

If you need expert guidance or just want to connect with some really inspirational creativity, this is one Ninja you should be checking out!

Read some of these great posts by Scott and we’re sure you will agree that Indiemark has plenty of insightful expertise to offer you in your email campaign efforts!

Making a case for outsourced email marketing services

What is an email marketing consultant and do I need one?

List rental is NOT evil in email marketing

How to hire eMail marketing experts

You’ve got eMail marketing problems

The team here @ The eMail Guide is all a buzz about having Indiemark in the hive!

Things are humming here in the hive! Get your Ninja listing today!

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Jeff Ginsberg

Jeff Ginsberg

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