Pigs go to slaughter by Andrew Kordek @AndrewKordek

Pigs Go to Slaughter

Are you a pig or a hog?

When I was in sales over 10 years ago, I had a VP who used the phrase “Pigs go to slaughter, hogs live forever”. He would then follow up with the notion of you not wanting to be a pig (greedy) in what you did as a sales person. I took that quote to heart (even though I am not sure if its entirely true about the hog).

Is your email marketing program a pig or a hog?

Pigs consistently perform eAppends to unnaturally increase the size of their subscriber base.
Hogs have an aggressive but well laid out natural acquisition plan.

Pigs send out an ill timed and irrelevant email every day to its subscriber base.
Hogs define cadence in a well thought out contact strategy either through micro segmentation or purchase and browse trends.

Pigs increase cadence when they see a spike in revenue as a result of an email campaign.
Hogs define a lifetime value of the customer.

Pigs send out email blasts.
Hogs send out email communications.

Pigs hide the unsubscribe link in the email.
Hogs make the unsubscribe link prominent.

Pigs make it difficult for a person to unsubscribe once they take them to a landing page.
Hogs offer opt down and frequency choice as well as ECOA.

Pigs send offers.
Hogs send relevance.

Pigs do implied opt-in.
Hogs do explicit opt-in.

Pigs laden their email with products and banners.
Hogs offer simplistic looks.

Pigs want to send more emails.
Hogs worry about reputation.

Pigs only concern themselves with revenue.
Hogs concern themselves with building a relationship.

Pigs think short term.
Hogs think long term.

Takeaway: Don’t get greedy with your email campaign strategy. Never forget it’s about building relationships and providing relevancy.

Agree or disagree with Andrew’s take on this? Share your coments/thoughts!

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-10 years of email marketing experience. -Managed all aspects of the email. marketing program at Groupon Inc, the fastest growing company of all time. -Responsible for the strategy, execution and analysis of the transactional and trigger-based email for Sears Holdings. -Created and managed all of the email marketing and interactive marketing globally for Quest Software. -Regular contributtor to five email marketing blogs. -Member of the Email Experience Council Frequent speaker at industry events. -Received Bachelor of Science in marketing from Quincy University.

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