31 Point eMail Marketing Audit – Single Message


31 Point eMail Marketing Audit that covers

  • Message Architecture
  • Message Content
  • Strategy Alignment

Plus a lot more that’s guaranteed to increase your response and conversion rates.



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What will be covered in this eMail marketing audit?

A lot. We go through a comprehensive 31 point list of items that will give you a full picture of what could be improved, fixed, changed or tested in your email campaign.


The list includes:


Message Architecture

    • From Address
    • Reply-to Address
    • Preheaders
    • Subject Lines
    • Headlines
    • Salutation
    • Body Copy
    • CTA – Calls to Action
    • Signature
    • PS – Postscript
    • Footer
    • Footnote Text

Message Content

    • Copy
    • Content
    • Look and Feel
    • Images
    • Rendering
    • Deliverability
    • Mobile Responsiveness
    • Unsubscribe Process
    • Update Profile Process
    • Message Usefulness Scoring

Strategy Alignment

    • Does the message align with the strategy?
    • Does the message deliver the brand promise and in the tone of the brand voice?
    • Does the message align with the sequence of the journey?
    • Does the message drive to a single goal or multiple goals?
    • Are the goals trackable?
    • Does the client track and measure the performance of the message?
    • Does the message build engagement with readers?
    • Is the message testable?
    • Is the client tracking/recording email tests?

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