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Blackbaud – 4 Critical Components to Your Nonprofits Email Marketing Strategy

By: Blackbaud I’ve been deep in the world of email marketing for the past few months. It’s a form of communication (and full blown industry) that’s been around for a while. There are very well established best practices, standard metrics that are tracked, widely accepted and proven statistical data to measure your effectiveness by and countless bits of information on the web to teach us how... [Read more]

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Business 2 Community – Integrating Email Marketing Into Your Marketing Mix

By: Business 2 Community Campaigns to drive social media shares have become all the rage in SEO. It’s completely understandable. Social media is sexy. But email marketing should still be an integral part of your marketing mix. It may not be as inherently sexy, but email marketing is the hardworking mule that consistently provides concrete value when you’re still trying to figure out whether... [Read more]

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Responsys – Fix your Twitter Share link for Email

By: Responsys Over the past few weeks you may have noticed that your ‘Twitter Share’ functionality in your emails stopped working. This was basically Twitter’s way of saying, “Surprise! We’ve updated our system!” This mysteriously new twitter system is simply being called the “new twitter” and boasts a number of new enhancements to the site. With an array of structural changes, the... [Read more]

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Small Business Trends – The Power of Permission in Using Email Marketing

By: Small Business Trends According to StrongMail’s annual marketing trends survey, conducted by Zoomerang, the majority (68%) of business executives worldwide said they plan to integrate their social media marketing efforts with email in 2012. I remember back in 2007-8, when I first launched my business, I was running several workshops dedicated to email marketing and integrating it with social... [Read more]

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“Oh you’re the people who send me spam . . .” by Jessica Best @bestofjess

Who among us email marketers has ever heard himself or herself labeled as a spammer? Really, in our industry, who hasn’t? But is that really all marketing and promotion is? Unwanted, irrelevant, clutter-some content for the sake of inbox (or junk box) presence? Of course not. To be fair, irrelevance alone doesn’t make you spam. Valid marketers are accidentally irrelevant all the time. Spam is... [Read more]

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“You talkin’ to me?” The pitfalls of gendering your reader in marketing

Editor’s note: I’m very pleased to welcome guest poster Renata Dalmaso of emailManager! The eMail Guide community continues to grow globally and we gain a great deal every time we expand that global perspective. Last week I experienced a Taxi Driver De Niro moment. While reading an article about email marketing I was suddenly thrown aback by the writer unexpectedly addressing the reader—i.e.... [Read more]

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@eMailRadio presents the Social Media Show with @jaybaer & @djwaldow

Let’s put a bee in your bonnet about social media! #eMailRadio presents the Social Media Show Tuesday, January 25 @ 1 PM EST with live guests and leading industry advisors Jay Baer of Convince & Convert and DJ Waldow of Blue Sky Factory Jay Baer is President of Convince & Convert. His blog (www.convinceandconvert.com) is ranked as one of the world’s top 20 marketing resources. Jay’s... [Read more]

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#eMailRadio – The Creative Show – How to code HTML emails properly

***Important Notice: This week’s #eMailRadio will be broadcast at 4PM EST due to our guest Mathew Patterson being on the other side of the planet. Don’t miss the show!*** #eMailRadio presents: The Creative Show with guests Mathew Patterson of Campaign Monitor and Alex Williams of Trendline Interactive This week’s #eMailRadio show will be broadcast on Tuesday Feb. 15th @  4PM... [Read more]

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#eMailRadio Presents – How to grow a rock solid email list

#eMailRadio host Jeff Ginsberg will discuss the best ways to grow your email list. Join us LIVE at 1 PM EST on Tuesday, Feb 22 for a show you won’t want to miss! Jeff, Chief eMail Officer at the eMail Guide, will discuss how to grow, promote, and integrate your email list through offline, online, and social media. This is the show of shows, the time and place for you to learn how to get started... [Read more]

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#eMailRadio presents: Email Marketing to an International Community

#eMailRadio presents: Email Marketing to an International Community With guest Nick Eckert of GraphicMail #eMailRadio host Jeff Ginsberg will interview Nick Eckert, CMO of GraphicMail – a micro multinational company that focuses on email, mobile, and social messaging solutions for small businesses. During the live show Nick and Jeff will give us valuable insights into international email marketing.... [Read more]

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#eMailRadio presents: The Git-r-done Show – How to get more done and stay organized

eMailRadio Presents: The Git-r-done Show Live at 1PM EST on Tuesday, May 3 Most businesses are inundated with the inevitable stuff that happens on a day-by-day and minute-by-minute basis. It can be a real struggle to plan, schedule, and stay organized to accomplish the results you want the most with the limited time you have. The Git-r-done Show is to help all of us get and stay organized. Join us... [Read more]

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#eMailRadio Presents: The Subject Line Show – How to Write Better Subject Lines

#eMailRadio host Jeff Ginsberg will be talking with you LIVE about the winning recipe to great subject lines. Call in and tell us your favorite subject line strategy for a chance to win…Seth Godin*!!! Join us LIVE at 1 PM EST on Tuesday, March 1, for The Subject Line Show where we will take you through the “Do’s and Don’t’s” of subject lines. This is a show you will not want to miss,... [Read more]

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1 To 1 Media – Guest Blogger Len Shneyder: Acquisition Versus Retention in Social and Mobile Channels

Source 1to1 Media by Len Shneyder An interesting question was asked during Email Radio when I was discussing mobile marketing with mobileStorm’s Jared Reitzen and Jim Ducharme: “Can mobile be used to do acquisition?” At the time of the show I answered that mobile wasn’t a good source for acquisition. I’ve given this a bit more thought, and although I don’t think... [Read more]

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10 bloggers blogging: eMail marketer's insights for the past and coming year

We asked our contributors to answer a couple of questions we thought would help eMail marketers take stock of the year past and plan for the year coming. As editor of The eMail Guide, I’m proud to say you’ll find their answers very insightful and helpful. So, enjoy 10 bloggers blogging! Happy Holidays! Jim Ducharme Editor, The eMail Guide Dylan Boyd – www.eROI.com Biggest mistake... [Read more]

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