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  Testing of email campaigns is a proven method to increase ROI. 8Seconds Optimizer optimizes the images (calls to action, offers, promotions, header images, banners, buttons, etc.) in your email. 8Seconds 1. shows different images to different recipients that open their email 2. measures statistically and in real time which image is the most successful in terms of clicks or conversion 3. 8Seconds... [Read more]

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Cactus Connect

Grow your Yahoo! small business with email marketing Drive your revenue to new heights with Cactus Connect, a robust e-mail marketing software built to seamlessly integrate with Yahoo! Merchant Solutions. This ground-breaking bridge between store data and e-mail list results in building effective, automated campaigns based on the behavior and purchase history of your customers. Maybe you’ve always... [Read more]

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ClickTag takes QR codes to a whole new level by offering a complete line of services aimed to make your mobile marketing initiatives a success. Benefits of using ClickTag QR codes are becoming more and more common and for good reason. They give consumers immediate access to what’s relevant to them and provide business owners and marketers with concrete insight into customer behaviour and patterns. But... [Read more]

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eSig Marketing

An exciting new product for your email signature that will make all of your emails an opportunity to drive business to you and your website. We add your logo and up to 5 customizable buttons to your email signature. These buttons are connected to the web pages that you decide or a personal web page.  Read More →

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HappyFox is ridiculously easy, powerfully simple customer support and ticket management software. HappyFox integrates with your email accounts and website to ensure that all support requests get collated. Organize better, assign the right email to the right person, respond faster and track everything. Three reasons why you will love HappyFox 1. Intuitive interface helps you focus on your incoming requests 2.... [Read more]

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The Kickdynamic platform enables you to send contextual, personalized email content and messages with just a single email launch, easily and at scale. We started building the platform because there was no technology available to achieve these aims. The Kickdynamic team has made it our mission to make email marketing perform better. We started building the platform because there was no technology available... [Read more]

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Postage App

PostageApp handles all of the grunt work when it comes to sending your emails – just give us content, specify a recipient, and we’ll do the rest. We have our own delivery engine, fine tuned and whitelisted for mass email, so that you won’t have to worry about getting your email into inboxes ever again. We take care of your emails, so you can focus on building an incredible app.  Read More →

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