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645 Current Listings

645 Current Listings

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Attracting Qualified Leads Doesn’t Have to Be Costly

If your email marketing/marketing automation business is relying on PPC or traditional display ads, you’re probably overpaying for your leads.

Beyond that, a flooded market and little in the way of differentiating yourself from competitors makes standing out and attracting the right leads harder than ever.

So, how do you attract new customers while reducing your cost per lead expenditure?

That’s where The eMail Guide’s directory comes in.

Create Your eMail Guide Directory Listing

With The eMail Guide community, you can start attracting qualified, ready-to-buy leads to your business using the most advanced email marketing / marketing automation search tool in the industry.

And best of all, you can do it without sinking your entire budget into costly traditional PPC and display ads.

  • Get Found Based On the Services & Features You Offer – Our directory and robust search functionality make it easy for ready-to-buy browsers to find the perfect solution to their email marketing/marketing automation needs. And for you, that means visitors find you based on the value of your product or service (not based on how much you spend in PPC advertising).
  • Listings That Stay True to Your Brand – Each detailed listing lets companies like yours convey your own unique messaging in your own unique voice. Plus, listings give you the option of including video, image galleries, an RSS feed right to your blog, up-to-date contact information, demo request forms, and a variety of other features as well.
  • Tap Into an Ever-Growing Network of Qualified Leads – We regularly see 20,000+ monthly visitors as well as a massive list of email subscribers and 18,000 active Twitter followers. With your listing, we make sure your content gets to the top of these visitors inboxes and social feeds to give you more exposure to qualified leads at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.
  • Expand Your Readership & Your Authority – In addition to sharing your content to help boost your exposure, we also give you the opportunity to host thought leadership workshops, webinars, and masterclasses. There, you can share your expertise with our community and build your own authority among a group of email marketing/marketing automation enthusiasts.

How It Works

Getting started with The eMail Guide is as easy as 1-2-3.

Choose Your Listing Type

Choose from 5 different listing types below to match your business type and get started with your listing. You can also search our directory for your listing as we may have already added it.

Choose Your Package

Each listing type lets you choose from up to 3 different packages (Free-Bee, Ninja-Bee, and Ninja-Pro). Each package comes with its own unique set of benefits that you can use to start bringing in leads.

Watch as Your Business Buzz

Builds – Start growing your business with access to 20,000+ motivated monthly visitors, a robust social media presence, and a vibrant community of email marketing/marketing automation enthusiasts.

The Most Advanced Email Marketing / Marketing Automation Search Tool on the Web

The eMail Guide is the only email marketing and marketing automation search engine that allows you to find technology based on a wide variety of criteria, including:

Company Size Served

• SOHO 1-10 ppl
• SMB 10-100 ppl
• SME 100-1000 ppl
• Enterprise 1000-10000 ppl


• Email
• Mobile Push
• Social
• Online Ads
• Print
• Voice

Integrations – ESP / Marketing Automation

• Salesforce CRM
• Square
• Stripe
• Tableau
• Twillio
• WooCommerce
• WordPress
• Zoho CRM

Price Range

$0 per month – Free
$0 + Freemium
$1 – $50 per month
$51 – $100 per month
$101 – $250 per month
$251 – $500 per month
$501 – $1,000 per month
$1001 + per month

Office Location

• North America
• Central America
• Caribbean
• South America
• Europe
• Africa
• Middle East
• Australia

SMS Features – ESP / Marketing Automation

• One Way SMS
• Two Way SMS
• Supports Short Code
• Long Code Only

Server Location – ESP / Marketing Automation

• Canada
• United States
• European Union

Free Trial Available


Professional Services Offered

• Automation
• Copywriting
• Coding
• Database
• ISP Relations / Delivery
• Strategy

Creative Features – ESP / Marketing Automation

• WYSIWYG Editor
• HTML Editor
• Templates Provided
• Landing Page Builder
• Webform Builder

Support – ESP / Marketing Automation

• Dedicated Account Manager
• Support – Telephone
• Support – Chat
• Support – User Communities
• Training – In Person
• Training – Videos
• Training – Webinars

Choose Your Listing Type

There are 5 different types of listings you can create with The eMail Guide. They are:

Resource Listing – These listings are perfect for associations, courses, organizations or services that ARE NOT SAAS technology based.

Technology Listings – SAAS and server based solutions for managing, supporting, and improving marketing automation should use this type of listing.

Agency Listings – These listings are for marketing agencies with a strong focus on email and marketing automation.

Event Listings – Yes, you can list your events too! This type of listing is great for promoting in-person, online, or webinar type events that center on email marketing, marketing automation, and digital marketing.

Coupon Listings – This type of listing is for highlighting any special discounts or offers that can be applied to your company’s services and product offerings (great for overcoming that initial price hurdle to using your services).

We may have already added your business to The eMail Guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

“What is your monthly traffic?”
While our exact numbers fluctuate, we usually see around 20,000 visitors every single month. Best of all, the majority of these visitors are looking for services just like yours, so they’re especially motivated to buy.

“How will creating a listing help promote my business?”
Creating your listing unlocks a variety of business promoting benefits depending on the package you choose. That being said, when you list your business with The eMail Guide, we help promote your business by showcasing your listing in the directory and search feeds, sharing your listing in all the social channels we play in, and sending emails to our ever-growing audience to promote your service.

“Can I change my listing details after I’ve already added it to the directory?”
Of course! All it takes is logging in to your account and filling out new details that you want your listing to reflect. You can do so any time you want and all of your changes will be updated instantly.

“How can I post on your blog?”
Check out our contributors guide here. After you read through our guidelines and get in touch, we’ll set you up as a monthly or one-time contributor to help boost your exposure.

Create Your Listing & Start Attracting Qualified Leads

Stop wasting your budget on PPC and start getting found byattracting ready-to-buy leads by creating your The eMail Guide listing (20K monthly visitors) today.

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Other benefit statements:

Get new customers and reduce your cost per lead expenditure by listing in The eMail Guide.

Be found in the industry’s most detailed email marketing / marketing automation selection tool.

Your brand, your message, your voice when you create a customized listing including video, picture gallery, rss feed to your blog.

Create brand awareness by showcasing your talent and best work by keeping your listing up to date.

Be viewed as a thought leader in the email marketing when you publish on our blog.

Get exposure and be seen by new prospects when we share your content through our social channels.