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Posts tagged with: Bill C-27

New to email marketing? We’ll teach you how to email market.

  • New to email marketing? Start here!
New to email marketing? We’ll teach you how to email market. We know how confusing that can be. Helping people get started in email marketing is why we created The eMail Guide! Have any questions? Send us an email: questions@TheeMailGuide.com...
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Canadian anti-spam bill (C-27) killed by prorogation

Canadian Prime Minister, Stephan Harper, plans to prorogue parliment (an extended break/suspension with no elections)  so MPs won’t be distracted with governing the country while Canada’s Olympic hockey teams are kicking the snot out of the world. Micheal Geist posted...
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Top 10 eMail marketing posts of 2009

The growth we’ve seen here at The eMail Guide this past year has been tremendous! We’ve worked very hard to build an engaged community of people who share a passion for eMail marketing and we think we’ve done a pretty...
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C-27 Canadian anti-spam bill gets 2nd Senate reading Thursday

Neil Schwartzman over at CAUCE has been doing a heck of a job keeping us all up to date on the progress of C-27, which among other things, addresses spam. The bill will now get a second reading before the...
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Bill C-27: CRM expert concerned Canadian eMail marketers not ready

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear, does it make a sound?  If a bill passes in Parliament and no one is around to care, does it still take effect?  I never really...
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BILL C-27 Compliancy FAQ for Marketers

Matt Vernhout and ThinData got us thinking about the requirements email marketers will have to follow to comply with the upcoming BILL-C27 legislation in Canada. Discussed on Twitter yesterday, we used some of the information as provided by ThinData to...
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