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Posts tagged with: Email Opt-In

Bill C-28 a law for Canada that tells spammers where to go

  • Bill-C28 eMail Marketing law in Canada tells spammers to where to go
Once again, Canada has tightened the reigns and leads the way for world wide standards for email marketing best practices. Bill C-28 formerly C-27 sometimes refereed to as FISA (Fighting Internet and Wireless Spam Act)  is now set to take...
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Why and How You Should Be Using Triggered Email (Part 3) by Karen Talavera @SyncMarketing

Why and How You Should Be Using Triggered Email (Part 3) If you’re just tuning into this series, Part 1 explored the difference between broadcast and triggered-email, explained the role of trigger-based email, and defined the fundamental characteristics that make...
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A new email marketing Ninja in the hive: GraphicMail!

  • A new email marketing Ninja in the hive: GraphicMail!
The whole team here @ The eMail Guide is thrilled to welcome yet another new Ninja to the hive! GraphicMail is a global ESP and provides a self-service hosted email marketing solution. With offices in 17 countries around the globe,...
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Smarter sales team means better email marketing

  • Smarter Sales Team Means Better Email Marketing
Lead generation, enriching customer and email subscriber lists and databases, recruiting new subscribers to newsletters: they are all tasks that traditionally belong to the email marketers and database marketer’s terrain. Theoretically, the marketing department is responsible for growing the email...
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Facebook Messaging: Dance band on the Titanic?

Facebook Messaging: Would You Trust the Titanic? ed note: A guest post from Dennis Dayman of Eloqua. After reading Jim’s commentary in Monday’s “Facebook messaging rollout: Titan or Titanic?” I have to say, his points are valid and not uncommon....
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Are your blog and email marketing friends? by Karen Talavera @SyncMarketing

Editor’s note: Karen was our guest on eMail Radio today! Listen to the show here! Sometimes we get so caught up just keeping our email programs running that we get tunnel vision.  We forget that email is an essential tool...
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Dealing with Inactives on Your Email List by Karen Talavera @SyncMarketing

  • Dealing with In-actives on Your Email List
Dealing with Inactives on Your Email List On any email list, there will be a percentage of subscribers who signed up and never again showed signs of life.  They may have opted-into a specific offer, and once they obtained the...
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Canada’s new law restricts “spam haven”

  • Canada's New Law Restricts Spam Haven
As you may or may not know, Canada is the only G8 country that does NOT have anti-spam legislation. So you’re probably asking yourself “why do I need to get permission to email someone in that country?” Keep in mind...
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Magic brownies: High times in email marketing by Chris Donald @inboxgroup

  • Magic brownies: High times in email marketing
Wow!  I’m still a little stunned over a phone call I got from a guy interested in our email marketing service.  This is a true story with just the name changed to protect the not-so-innocent. Okay, so it’s a normal...
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Facebook’s privacy labyrinth by Xan Pearson @XanPearson

  • Facebook Privacy
Under intense scrutiny from media and blogs regarding its privacy policy, Facebook has faced a maelstrom of bad public relations in the last few weeks. In my previous post, Social Media Privacy is an Oxymoron, I briefly discussed the concern...
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Email marketing best practices by Janine Popick @janinepopick

Whether you are new to email marketing or a savvy veteran, working for a company that sends 500 emails a week or 500,000, there are certain policies you should follow to optimize your campaigns. You could call them the commandments...
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e-Dialog enters mobile marketing with acquisition of M3 Mobile

e-Dialog today announced it is extending its mobile marketing capabilities with the acquisition of M3 Mobile Marketing. M3 creates and executes full-service and compelling mobile marketing programs for global enterprises that raise brand awareness, enhance the customer experience and drive...
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Email Marketing Opt-Out: A Not-So-Good Example by Jessica Best @bestofjess

  • Opt-Out: A Not So Good Example
Email Marketing Opt-Out: A Not-So-Good Example As providers of email marketing services, one of the things we do is provide guidance to clients and colleagues on best practices. Sometimes, the best way to talk about the right way is to...
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Pigs go to slaughter by Andrew Kordek @AndrewKordek

  • Pigs Go to Slaughter
Are you a pig or a hog? When I was in sales over 10 years ago, I had a VP who used the phrase “Pigs go to slaughter, hogs live forever”. He would then follow up with the notion of...
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Inbox reserve III: Email notifications go prime time by Fred Tabsharani @tabsharani

  • Inbox reserve III: Email notifications go prime time
In Inbox Reserve parts one and two, we discovered how socially centric preference centers and subject lines will lead to dramatically higher engagement and lower spam complaints. In part III below, we’ll identify challenges that are inherent with acquiring a...
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The truth behind eMail marketing reporting myths by Kenny Van Beeck @Kvanbeeck

  • The Truth Behind Email Marketing Myths
Email marketing is a powerful tool that enables marketers to track and trace almost every interaction with the prospect. But whether you like it or not, there are still some things that can not be measured properly. Although some reporting...
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Campaigner releases newest version of eMail marketing service for small biz

OTTAWA–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Campaigner, today announced the launch of several new features and capabilities that further provide businesses with an easy and cost-effective way to build customer relationships, engage with prospects and increase sales. With Campaigner’s tools for email campaign creation,...
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Inbox reserve part II: future subject lines will reduce spam complaints by Fred Tabsharani @tabsharani

As outlined in Part I of Inbox Reserve, “Why Email must Reverse Engineer Social Now,” future engagement metrics and delivery patterns will be based on how subscribers’ social networks interact with a given brand.   Disclaimer: The strategies outlined below are...
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“Oh you’re the people who send me spam . . .” by Jessica Best @bestofjess

Who among us email marketers has ever heard himself or herself labeled as a spammer? Really, in our industry, who hasn’t? But is that really all marketing and promotion is? Unwanted, irrelevant, clutter-some content for the sake of inbox (or...
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P.S., eMail marketing, I love you! by Nikki Schiavone @nicoleschiavone

It’s that time of year guys and gals. The time of year where we honor St.Valentine in all his glory. We douse our loved ones with soft cuddly teddy bears built from scratch, we buy velvety, red heart-shaped boxes filled...
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