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Posts tagged with: Email Opt-In

EEC Email Evoluton Conference 2010 sweet tweets day 3

It’s all over but the thanks and goodbyes at EEC’s Email Evolution Conference 2010 in Miami. We’ve gathered all the best tweets and posted them here for you from day three. Rather than post photos separately, I’ve included the links...
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EEC Email Evoluton Conference 2010 sweet tweets day 2

Day 2 is winding down at the EEC Email Evoluton Conference 2010 in Miami and we’ve gathered the best tweets for you to peruse at your leisure here at The eMail Guide. If you have photos or wrap up reports,...
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MarketingSherpa's eMail Summit conversation starters

Below you’ll find comments and quotes we’ve mined from the tweets we saw fly by this past week from MarketingSherpa’s eMail Summit in Miami.  While not all of them might be considered “pure gold”, every single one of them is...
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10 bloggers blogging: eMail marketer's insights for the past and coming year

We asked our contributors to answer a couple of questions we thought would help eMail marketers take stock of the year past and plan for the year coming. As editor of The eMail Guide, I’m proud to say you’ll find...
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More great iPhone apps for eMail marketing

Back in November @CKsays from NYC tweeted a question to us asking if we knew of any ESPs offering  iPhone apps for their platforms. In fact, we did and we posted that same day with 3 different options. This post...
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How to make money from your list – co-registration done the proper way by Janine Popick @janinepopick

If you’ve got people signing up with your opt-in form on your site, you might be able to make a bit of cash during your sign up process. How? If you know another business that would pay you each time...
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Top Ten eMail Marketing Best Practices of 2009 by Nikki Schiavone @nicoleschiavone

Top Ten eMail Marketing Best Practices of 2009 Our friends at Blue Sky Factory have put together their top ten list of eMail marketing best practices and have been kind enough to allow us to carry the post. It’s a...
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eMail Marketing Glossary

Our friends at EmailBrain have put together a comprehensive glossary of eMail marketing terms. It’s a living document and we’ll keep adding to it as needed. Takeaway: Knowledge is power but, sharing is wisdom. Please feel free to post any...
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Why Email Marketing Websites Suck at List Management – and what to do about it

Let’s be honest here, if the ability to create contact lists and then add, edit and delete contacts constitutes “list management” then Windows Notepad could be a document management system! That is exactly the type of contact list management offered,...
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