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Posts tagged with: laws

New to email marketing? We’ll teach you how to email market.

  • New to email marketing? Start here!
New to email marketing? We’ll teach you how to email market. We know how confusing that can be. Helping people get started in email marketing is why we created The eMail Guide! Have any questions? Send us an email: questions@TheeMailGuide.com...
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Inbox Marketer – Bill C-28/FISA Timeline & FAQ

  • Inbox Marketer - Bill C-28/FISA Timeline & FAQ
By: Inbox Marketer With an abundance of misinformation about Bill C-28 propagating the internet, Inbox Marketer wants to make sure you have the facts. We have an internal task force working closely with the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) and Industry...
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ClickMail – Email Marketing Best Practices: The New Canadian Anti-Spam Law

By: ClickMail Marketing Are You Compliant With the New Canadian Anti-Spam Law? If you’re already adhering to email marketing best practices, you are doing permission-based email marketing to an in-house email list. And your email marketing best practices likely are...
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Bill C-28 a law for Canada that tells spammers where to go

  • Bill-C28 eMail Marketing law in Canada tells spammers to where to go
Once again, Canada has tightened the reigns and leads the way for world wide standards for email marketing best practices. Bill C-28 formerly C-27 sometimes refereed to as FISA (Fighting Internet and Wireless Spam Act)  is now set to take...
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C-28 moves up: Canadian anti-spam bill passes to Senate

  • MP Tony Clement tweet about C-28 going to Canadian Senate
Breaking News from Matt Vernhout @ Email Karma! The Canadian House of Commons just voted C-28 – Canada’s Anti-Spam bill out of the house of commons and into the Senate. Minister of Industry Tony Clement had this to say moments...
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Canadian anti-spam bill C-28 to get second reading by Matt Vernhout @emailkarma

  • Canadian Anti-Spam Bill
The anti-spam bill “Fighting Internet and Wireless Spam Act” (FISA) has been put back on the table in the Canadian House of Commons for discussion. Only a few more steps to go until we get there. What’s happened so far...
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Canada’s new law restricts “spam haven”

  • Canada's New Law Restricts Spam Haven
As you may or may not know, Canada is the only G8 country that does NOT have anti-spam legislation. So you’re probably asking yourself “why do I need to get permission to email someone in that country?” Keep in mind...
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