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Posts tagged with: Opt-In

Knock, Knock… Who’s There? Spam. Spam Who? by Joi Brooks @joibrooks

Knock, Knock… Who’s There? Spam. Spam Who? Some folks never forget a face but have trouble remembering names. Email servers never forget a name but are sight blind and rely on your domain’s good reputation. So, while you are scheduling...
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New to email marketing? We’ll teach you how to email market.

  • New to email marketing? Start here!
New to email marketing? We’ll teach you how to email market. We know how confusing that can be. Helping people get started in email marketing is why we created The eMail Guide! Have any questions? Send us an email: questions@TheeMailGuide.com...
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Top 50 Email Marketing Tips by Jason VandeBoom @activecampaign

  • Top 50 Email Marketing Tips
Top 50 Email Marketing Tips Jason VandeBoom, founder of ActiveCampaign, posted an amazing 128 effective ways to optimize your email marketing campaign. We were impressed and asked Jason if he might want to pick the top 50 tips from that...
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ClickZ: Opt-in vs. Opt-out: It’s a Business Decision

  • Email Marketing Opt-in vs. Opt-out: It's a Business Decision
Source: ClickZ By Jeanne Jennings I’m a huge proponent of opt-in e-mail marketing. In my experience, it’s the most effective way to use this important channel. That said, there are some organizations, even big, well-known brand names, that don’t adhere...
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iMedia: The prime time to audit your opt-in process

  • The prime time to audit your opt-in process
Source: iMedia by Wendy Roth The holiday shopping season is the most fruitful time of the year to collect new email addresses for your database. A well-executed opt-in process will help you convert these motivated browsers or first-time buyers into...
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Blue Sky Factory: Email Marketing Opt-In Done Right

  • Email Marketing Opt-In Done Right
Source: Blue Sky Factory by DJ Waldow Have you ever experienced the following email marketing scenario? You sign up to receive email from “Company ABC”. They set proper expectations up front around frequency by informing you that it’s a weekly...
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Email marketing best practices by Janine Popick @janinepopick

  • Email Marketing Best Practices
Whether you are new to email marketing or a savvy veteran, working for a company that sends 500 emails a week or 500,000, there are certain policies you should follow to optimize your campaigns. You could call them the commandments...
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Email Marketing Opt-Out: A Not-So-Good Example by Jessica Best @bestofjess

  • Opt-Out: A Not So Good Example
Email Marketing Opt-Out: A Not-So-Good Example As providers of email marketing services, one of the things we do is provide guidance to clients and colleagues on best practices. Sometimes, the best way to talk about the right way is to...
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Pigs go to slaughter by Andrew Kordek @AndrewKordek

  • Pigs Go to Slaughter
Are you a pig or a hog? When I was in sales over 10 years ago, I had a VP who used the phrase “Pigs go to slaughter, hogs live forever”. He would then follow up with the notion of...
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Inbox reserve III: Email notifications go prime time by Fred Tabsharani @tabsharani

  • Inbox reserve III: Email notifications go prime time
In Inbox Reserve parts one and two, we discovered how socially centric preference centers and subject lines will lead to dramatically higher engagement and lower spam complaints. In part III below, we’ll identify challenges that are inherent with acquiring a...
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“Oh you’re the people who send me spam . . .” by Jessica Best @bestofjess

Who among us email marketers has ever heard himself or herself labeled as a spammer? Really, in our industry, who hasn’t? But is that really all marketing and promotion is? Unwanted, irrelevant, clutter-some content for the sake of inbox (or...
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How to make money from your list – co-registration done the proper way by Janine Popick @janinepopick

If you’ve got people signing up with your opt-in form on your site, you might be able to make a bit of cash during your sign up process. How? If you know another business that would pay you each time...
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Not Just Another Marketing Blog

iPost is a leading provider of direct email marketing services for opt-in email campaigns. Advanced personalization; segmentation and conversion reporting with optional integration. Agency and enterprise email solutions. iPost’s blog is a sober and mature look at the email marketing...
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Spam contributing to Global Warming?

Interesting blog out today on the NY Times website regarding a report by McAfee that spam has a significant impact on the environment.   Some of the findings include: 62 trillion spam e-mails were sent in 2008. (That’s 10,333 emails...
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