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Posts tagged with: Subscribe

Blue Sky Factory: How To Create A Welcome Email Campaign Series

  • Email Marketing How To Create A Welcome Email Campaign Series
Source: Blue Sky Factory By Christopher Penn How to create a welcome email campaign series using Site Search data If you’re new to welcome campaigns, they’re a series of welcome emails sent to new subscribers to help introduce you and...
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ConstantContact: Keeping Your Recipients Engaged

  • Email Marketing : Keeping Your Recipients Engaged
Source: ConstantContact By Tara Natanson Increased inbox competition means good practices are needed to keep your users interested With the holidays fast approaching, the competition for space in the inbox among retailers, charitable groups, and other organizations is going to...
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emailInsider: Email’s Other Role: Adding Value To The Customer Relationship

  • Email Marketing Email's Other Role: Adding Value To The Customer Relationship
Source: emailInsider By Loren McDonald Email is the most valuable, flexible and successful of all marketing channels. But its success goes well beyond its ability to drive conversions and revenue for companies. Finding that sweet spot remains a challenge for...
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MarketingProfs: A Four-Step Plan to Re-Engage Inactive Subscribers

  • Email Marketing A Four-Step Plan to Re-Engage Inactive Subscribers
Source: MarketingProfs “Your email database might show big numbers,” writes Loren McDonald at Silverpop, “but 25 percent to 40 percent of your subscribers, or more, could be inactive without showing any obvious symptoms.” Described by Dela Quist as “unemotionally subscribed,”...
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Bronto Blog: Take that In-Store Subscription Up a Notch

  • Take that In-Store Subscription Up a Notch
Source: Bronto By Caroline Smith Last month, Director of Strategic Services, Kimberly Snyder, wrote about a superb in-store subscription process that make her sing praises on the Bronto Blog. Kimberly was shopping at Kohl’s when an associate came up to...
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Dealing with Inactives on Your Email List by Karen Talavera @SyncMarketing

  • Dealing with In-actives on Your Email List
Dealing with Inactives on Your Email List On any email list, there will be a percentage of subscribers who signed up and never again showed signs of life.  They may have opted-into a specific offer, and once they obtained the...
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Email Marketing: 10 Rules to Live by – by Liz Moss @newzapp

Email Marketing: 10 Rules to Live by In this post I’ve collated some of our top email marketing tips – from managing your database to evaluating your results – to help you make the most of your email marketing. 1....
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Email is a conversation – not a megaphone by Rory Carlyle @rorycarlyle

  • Email is a Conversation - Not a Megaphone
Planes, trains and conversations — On my way back from the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco last week, I was reminded of how many different cultures are in our periphery, everyday. Just walking through the city this past week...
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Sign up for The eMail Guide newsletter & you could take Seth Godin home!

  • Sign Up for the eMail Guide Newsletter!
The problem: We pump out a lot of great email marketing advice and insight every day here at The eMail Guide! From the daily Buzz to our expert bloggers to events, we’ve got the world of email marketing covered six...
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Make Email Marketing Subscribers Welcome by Jordie van Rijn @jvanrijn

Make Email Marketing Subscribers Welcome Did you know that there are over 800 ways to say hello in different languages? The Cherokee use “O-si-yo” to greet someone, while the French say “Bonjour” and in Hawaii they say “Aloha”. Well it’s...
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Pigs go to slaughter by Andrew Kordek @AndrewKordek

  • Pigs Go to Slaughter
Are you a pig or a hog? When I was in sales over 10 years ago, I had a VP who used the phrase “Pigs go to slaughter, hogs live forever”. He would then follow up with the notion of...
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Inbox reserve III: Email notifications go prime time by Fred Tabsharani @tabsharani

  • Inbox reserve III: Email notifications go prime time
In Inbox Reserve parts one and two, we discovered how socially centric preference centers and subject lines will lead to dramatically higher engagement and lower spam complaints. In part III below, we’ll identify challenges that are inherent with acquiring a...
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A Subscriber Welcome Snapshot by Remy Bergsma @remybergsma

A Subscriber Welcome Snapshot   When I did a little research on email welcome programs I chose to subscribe for the newsletters of four of the biggest camera-makers: Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Pentax. The subscribing experience was quite varied across the...
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P.S., eMail marketing, I love you! by Nikki Schiavone @nicoleschiavone

It’s that time of year guys and gals. The time of year where we honor St.Valentine in all his glory. We douse our loved ones with soft cuddly teddy bears built from scratch, we buy velvety, red heart-shaped boxes filled...
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Recency frequency rules: the throttle back option?

Jordan Lane blogged Wednesday about an interesting Zappos marketing eMail he got recently regarding their holiday plans. The eMail informed subscribers that they would be seeing an increase in mailings and even named the dates when they could expect to...
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Editor’s Picks – My personal favourite three email subscriptions

Below are email campaigns that I have been subscribed to for quite a while – more than five years – and provide a good lens on my perspective from an arts and culture communications.  As Seth Godin might point out,...
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Microsoft Plans for Email Rendering Sparks Dim Outlook for 2010

Outlook 2010 and Email Rendering – it is a hot topic in the email marketing community at the moment. Thousands of email marketing professionals are posting, twittering and emailing about their concerns for Microsoft’s plans Word to render the HTML...
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BILL C-27 Compliancy FAQ for Marketers

Matt Vernhout and ThinData got us thinking about the requirements email marketers will have to follow to comply with the upcoming BILL-C27 legislation in Canada. Discussed on Twitter yesterday, we used some of the information as provided by ThinData to...
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Another Quick SEO Tip from The eMail Guide…

Reading some very good articles about what to do and what not to do for Blog SEO / SEM best practices. Here’s something that jumped out at me – as it helped maintain and grow my own personal blog numbers...
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Spam contributing to Global Warming?

Interesting blog out today on the NY Times website regarding a report by McAfee that spam has a significant impact on the environment.   Some of the findings include: 62 trillion spam e-mails were sent in 2008. (That’s 10,333 emails...
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