Learn how to go from
a NewBee to an eMail Marketing Ninja

The eMail Guide will show you all the tips, trick and Ninja secrets
that will help you BEEcome a better eMail Marketer!

The NewBee

Meet the NewBee

Our NewBee represents anyone who is new to 
eMail Marketing.

He is eager to learn, ready for school and wants to build amazing eMail Marketing campaigns that drive traffic and convert subscribers into customers.

Meet the NinjaBee

Our NinjaBee AKA The eMail Marketing Ninja represents the seasoned eMail Marketer who has practiced their art and honed their skills. Although he is a Ninja, he really is a NewBee at heart too.

The eMail Marketing Ninja loves to dig deep into:

    • Personalization
    • Segmentation
    • Automation

….and anything else with an “ation” added on for good measure.

The NinjaBee Left

Together as The BEE Team

Why are they called The BEE Team?

It’s simple, in every one of us is a little bit of NewBee and a little bit of Ninja.

We might know lots like the eMail Marketing Ninja, but we can always learn something new like the NewBee.

Together the NewBee and The Ninja will guide you along your journey and help teach you how to go from a NewBee to an eMail Marketing Ninja.


My name is Jeff!

I will be your guide here as well and point you in the direction of great articles, cool resources, companies you should look and anything else that might help you
BEEcome a better eMail Marketer.

Any time you have a question or need help with your eMail Marketing please reach out.

 Jeff Ginsberg ~ Chief eMail Officer

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