Today’s 1 to 1 Marketing Strategy is All about Integration by Kenny Van Beeck @Kvanbeeck

Today's 1 to 1 Marketing Strategy is All about Integration

Today’s 1 to 1 Marketing Strategy is All about Integration by Kenny Van Beeck

Digital communication is getting a bigger piece of the marketing strategy pie every year. Strong relationships with your customers become more important every day.

Integration between four essential marketing elements is crucial to manage and increase the efficiency and productivity of your online customer contact, and offers a lot of opportunities. Email, CRM, web analytics and social all have specific advantages, combining these four offers even more added value.

A high quality email marketing system allows you to interact on a personalized and timely base, with targeted, relevant messages.

A CRM system allows you to capture and track customer information like sales data, behavioral data, preferences, etc, in a centralized digital location. This data is extremely valuable in a customer-centric society, allowing you to discover the real needs and wants of your customer or prospect.

Web analytics
Web analytics programs help you to monitor and measure website traffic, visitor behavior and preferences on your personal website. Many web analytics are available for free on the web, so it is easy to integrate a web analytics reporting tool on your site and certainly don’t forget social media monitoring.

Social media
Social media have a high market penetration and are easily adopted. If used well it can bring you a lot of traffic and create a real brand experience.
Don’t get fooled, it’s not because they are free that it is costless. You will have to invest in time, strategy and coordination.

What makes this really interesting in a 1 to 1 Marketing strategy?
Many web tools allow you to integrate different elements of email, CRM, web analytics and social in one package.

Let’s focus on email
If we focus on email marketing, you need a very efficient email platform allowing you to build up an effective email lifecycle with your customers. Also include several operational CRM features in your database structure with the possibility to connect with external CRM systems using an API.

Social media functions such as a share or a like are not more than normal for each good email marketing platform.

Finally it is very easy to add personal web analytics code in your email message to measure all customer steps from receiving the email until the online purchase.


The importance of the address fold


The address fold holds 4 main components:
• The from address
• The from name
• The reply address
• The subject line

Each of these 4 components has a particular impact on the success of your email marketing campaign.

The from address
• The from address is a brand builder
• Using the same from address in every campaign will have an impact on the reputation of your IP. People will have the ability to white list you according to the from address.
• Using a personalized from address can have a positive impact on how people perceive your brand. This is mainly true for B2C campaigns.

The from name
• The from name is even more of a brand builder. It mostly carries the name of the company.
• If possible, personalize the from name as if it is coming from a real person. This will have a positive impact on the brand perception.

The reply address
• It is important to use a valid reply address instead of the well-known no-reply one. People can react via this tool (and you certainly do not want to lose that).
• In the case of a malfunctioning of, e.g. the unsubscribe mechanism, having a reply address is crucial. It is common practice to ask for an unsubscribe via a simple reply. A no-reply function will only motivate the receiver to hit the spam button. Which is an important factor on measuring the reputation of your IP.

The subject line
• The subject line is the most important component of your address fold.
• Include a clear call to action in your subject line.
• Using values, discounts, urgency or exclusive deals will increase the effectiveness of your subject line.
• Try to limit the number of characters to a maximum of 50, including spaces.
Some email clients won’t show more than that and on PDA’s and smartphones this is a maximum in general.
• Consider the subject line as a Twitter post. It has to be short, effective and teasing.
• The subject line is what makes you open the email and start reading it.

Measuring the effectiveness of the address fold.
To measure the effectiveness of your address fold you will have to look at the unique opened ratio of your email marketing campaign. The easiest way is to take the number of sent emails, substract the bounces, and finally measure the number of opened emails on the remaining number of emails.

Meet the author:

Kenny Van Beeck

Kenny Van Beeck

Kenny Van Beeck is a certified Marketing Experiments Email Marketing professional and is past president of the Belgian IAB email marketing taskforce. Hi is a common blogger and speaker in the field of email marketing. Also known as the former editor of the EmailGarage weekly tipmail with more than 5000 readers. As email marketing consultant he worked for several international companies such as Unilever, Thomas Cook, 3M, Microsoft, … Kenny is owner and senior email marketing consultant of Etale.

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