Top 10 email geek Father’s Day gifts

Father’s Day is this weekend and we couldn’t call ourselves a guide if we didn’t do some guiding when you most need it! Some of us actually love to shop for presents for special days such as this but, most of us would probably rather do a ride-along with a bomb disposal squad. Yes, the web has gone a long way in reducing present buying anxiety but, you still have to find that perfect gift even if you don’t actually have to go to a mall.

The eMail Guide editorial bullpen proudly presents ten online gift picks for Father’s Day!

Father's Day 2010 Gift Picks
iCade for iPad

Just slide your iPad into this classic retro style cabinet and you can use the actual controls on the iCade to play retro legends such as Donkey Kong or Qbert. Just download the games from iTunes.

The only real problem we see with this is that it might tend to put your iPad in close proximity to open beer cans and the people who’ve opened them.

Price: $149.99

* This is actually an April Fools joke but, we still think it’s way cool and would want one!

Father's Day 2010 Gift Picks
Video Swim Mask

No longer will you be smacking your self in the face mask the next time you spot a coelacanth and realize you don’t have a camera!

This snappy little hands free gizmo takes video and digital stills and is good down to about 15 feet.

Price: $99.99

Father's Day 2010 Gift Picks
Ritmo Prenatal Sound System
RITMO Prenatal Musical System Banner

Father’s Day isn’t just about ties and battery powered poker dealers. It’s also about being a dad which is half of being a parent which takes two. If you’ve got a geek in development, choosing this gift could have big payoffs.

With the Ritmo Prenatal Sound System, you can ensure your pre-geek is entertained by only the finest music. We suggest classical so that as an adult they’ll be able to hum along while riding in elevators.

Yes, not really a daddy gift (unless genetics has taken another leap we missed) but, major points score for a future daddy to suggest this on Father’s Day and it saves you the effort of holding headsets in place.

Price: $99.99

Father's Day 2010 Gift PicksCassette Tape Tote Bag

The next time some snooty 14 year old box boy tries to ring you up for five cents just for a damn plastic bag, shove this  under his nose and tell him to bag it.

Price: $11.99

Father's Day 2010 Gift Picks
B-Flex 2 USB Speaker

It has long been common knowledge among email geeks that everything looks and performs better on a goose neck.

Think Geek has taken this one step further by adding a speaker to one end and a USB jack to the other. Yet another example of the power of the goose neck.

Price: $39.99

Father's Day 2010 Gift Picks
Make Your Own Chucks

What’s better than owning a pair of the best damn sneakers ever made? Designing your own pair of the best damn sneakers ever made from scratch! Let dad make his own funky Chucks and then stay the hell away from them if you value your life.

Price $62.00 (allow four to six weeks for delivery)

Father's Day 2010 Gift Picks
Diesel Digital Watch
Diesel makes some of the coolest watches on the planet. Sure you paid 10k for your watch and your ego is boosted by the fact that when you reach down to put your loafers on, people can see how much you spent on it but, is it cool? Nope. This watch is cool.

Trade in your Rolex, buy one of these and spend the money you save on hair replacement therapy.

Price: $225

Father's Day 2010 Gift Picks
Garden Jawa

Garden gnome? What kind of wimp are you? You’re no wimp! You’re an honest to goodness modern day Jedi and no Jedi worth his lightsaber would wimp out on garden gnomes!

Use the force Luke or an ordinary shovel to clear space in your garden for this treasure.

One word to the wise though. Make sure you secure these Garden Jawas well, because just one loose Garden Jawa can strip a SUV down to the frame in ten minutes.

Price: $34.99

Father's Day 2010 Gift Picks
Elmo’s iPad Monster Maker
Elmo's Monster Maker

You and your child (or just you dad) can make monsters then watch them play with Elmo. The perfect thing to keep you amused at those weekly management meetings.

Price: $3.99

Father's Day 2010 Gift Picks
Retro Vibrating Football Game

None of that mamby-pamby video game football for dad! No sir! Real men play real football on a table top where it was meant to be played!

Price: $79.99

Got any good gift picks you’d like to add? Post em!

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