Welcome eMail Marketing NewBees

Learn how to go from a NewBee
to an eMail Marketing Ninja

The eMail Guide will show you all the tips, trick and Ninja secrets
that will help you BEEcome a better eMail Marketer!

The NewBee

Meet the NewBee

Our NewBee represents anyone who is new to 
eMail Marketing.

He is eager to learn, ready for school and wants to build amazing eMail Marketing campaigns that drive traffic and convert subscribers into customers.


On this page you will find:

    • Training for NewBee (new to eMail Marketing)
    • Suggestions for entry level technology
    • Help finding an eMail Marketing Agency
    • Direct access to eMail Marketing Ninjas 


Training for NewBees (new to eMail Marketing)

We offer personalized one-on-one training for you and your team.

All classes include:

    • Pre-Class call to allow us to tailor the content to your needs
    • Course material and handouts
    • Subject matter expert who will teach the class
    • Recorded video of the class
    • Post-class follow-up call for any extra questions you might have

Learn More

Suggestions for entry level eMail Marketing technology

Here is a list of technology that’s great for the eMail Marketing NewBee? Check out these easy to use eMail Marketing and marketing automation platforms that offer:

    • Free trials
    • Training
    • Telephone Supports

Help finding an eMail Marketing Agency

Are you looking for an eMail Marketing Agency to help manage your eMail Marketing Campaigns from start to finish?

We have vetted these companies and can personally recommend them with complete confidence.

They will help you with:

    • Strategy
    • Creative
    • Copywriting
    • Setup, testing and deployment
    • Campaign management and integration

Direct access to an eMail Marketing Ninja

Being new to eMail Marketing can be a scary thing. Factors such as technology, strategy or even where to start can be completely overwhelming.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Start with a free 30 minute consultation and we will answer all of your eMail Marketing questions. GUARANTEED!


My name is Jeff!

I will be your guide here as well and point you in the direction of great articles, cool resources, companies you should look at and anything else that might help you
BEEcome a better eMail Marketer.

Any time you have a question or need help with your eMail Marketing please reach out.

 Jeff Ginsberg ~ Chief eMail Officer