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I am an email marketing ninja

Meet the NinjaBee

Our NinjaBee AKA The eMail Marketing Ninja represents the seasoned eMail Marketer who has practiced their art and honed their skills. 

The eMail Marketing Ninja loves to dig deep into: 

    • Personalization
    • Segmentation
    • Automation

….and anything else with an “ation” added on for good measure.

  • On this page you will find:
    • Advanced training for eMail Marketing Ninjas
    • Great services to help manage your campaigns
    • Teaching a class here
    • Contributing to our blog

Advanced training for eMail Marketing Ninjas

Every month we offer an advanced training session to help you shapen your eMail Marketing skill. Learn techniques for personalization, automation and segmentation all tied together with scientific A/B testing strategies. This training session will look at real-world eMail Marketing campagins and show you how to achive lift and incresed engagment in your eMail Marketing programs.


Great services to help manage your eMail Marketing campaigns

Every eMail Marketing Ninja needs the proper tools to help execute flawless eMail Marketing campaigns. Have a look at these solutions that will help create and manage amazing eMail Marketing programs.

Teach a class here

We’re always looking for eMail Marketing Ninjas to share their knowledge and wisdom.

Let’s connect so that we can discuss any topics you feel qualified to teach. Examples include:

    • Automation
    • Segmentation
    • A/B Testing
    • Dynamic Content
    • Landing Pages

Don’t worry about the pressure. Our classes are designed to be fun, engaging and most of all real-world examples of
eMail Marketing campaigns you have run yourself.

Contribute to our blog

Get exposure and traffic when you show off your eMail Marketing knowledge and expertise by contributing to our blog.

We are always looking for writers. Every article will contain your profile pic, company name, URL and brief bio description.

Click here to join our blogging team.


My name is Jeff!

I will be your guide here as well and point you in the direction of great articles, cool resources, companies you should look at and anything else that might help you
BEEcome a better eMail Marketer.

Any time you have a question or need help with your eMail Marketing please reach out.

 Jeff Ginsberg ~ Chief eMail Officer

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