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 Welcome eMail Marketing Supplier / ESP

The eMail Guide has everything you need to
promote your business and events + get new customers

Supplier ESP

Meet the WorkerBee

Our Suppliers / ESPs are NinjaBees AKA WorkerBees who make a living helping companies and individuals send their eMail Marketing campaigns.

WorkerBees come in all shapes and sizes and offer many different services that support your eMail Marketing and marketing automation programs.

On this page you will find:

    • Promoting your business
    • Finding new customers
    • Sharing your wisdom
    • Teaching a class here
    • Contributing to our blog

Promoting your business

Promoting your business is easy and we have many different options to suit everyone’s budget an needs. Your business may already be listed, all you have to do is claim it and edit it to your liking.

If your business is not listened in The eMail Guide, please add your company or service to one of the following categories:

      • Resources are associations, courses, organizations or services that ARE NOT SAAS technology
      • Technologies are SAAS and server-based solutions for managing, supporting and improving marketing automation
      • Agencies are true eMail Marketing agencies or marketing agencies with a strong email and marketing automation focus
      • Events are in-person, online or webinars that focus on email marketing, marketing automation and digital marketing
      • Coupons are discounts and offers that can be applied to your company’s services and product offerings

***To maintain the integrity of The eMail Guide we reserve the right to limit or exclude your listing***


Please view the sample listing below:

To see if you are already listed or to add your listing, click on the Add Listing button.

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Finding new customers

When building The eMail Guide we realized that there is the opportunity to help you sell your services to our community.

We will offer to select vendors the ability to sell their products in our online store.

Use the form below to book a time to speak with us to find out more about this exciting opportunity.

Teaching a class here

We’re always looking for eMail Marketing Ninjas, suppliers and #emailgeeks to share their knowledge and wisdom.

Let’s connect so that we can discuss any topics you feel qualified to teach. Examples include:

    • Automation
    • Segmentation
    • A/B Testing
    • Dynamic Content
    • Landing Pages

Don’t worry about the pressure. Our classes are designed to be, fun, engaging and most of all real-world examples of eMail Marketing campaigns you have run yourself.


Contributing to our blog

Get exposure and traffic when you show off your eMail Marketing knowledge and expertise by contributing to our blog.

We are always looking for seasoned writers. Every article can contain your profile pic, company name, URL and brief bio description.

Do you have an existing blog that you would like to syndicate content? Let us know we can make sharing and spreading your knowledge easy, simple and hands-free.


Click here to join our blogging team.



My name is Jeff!

I will be your guide here as well and point you in the direction of great articles, cool resources, companies you should look and anything else that might help you
BEEcome a better eMail Marketer.

Any time you have a question or need help with your eMail Marketing please reach out.

 Jeff Ginsberg ~ Chief eMail Officer