What Customers Want In Their Inbox? 5 Creative Ways to Find Out by Jessica Sanders @cantyoucook

What Do Your Customers Want In Their Inbox? 5 Creative Ways to Find Out by Jessica Sanders

What Customers Want In Their Inbox? 5 Creative Ways to Find Out

Between smart phones and desk jobs, people are checking their email at enormous rates. As a business, this can be an important way to reach customers. Yet, with an ever growing amount of spam and sales junk, people are learning to skim through their inbox, eyeing the most important emails and deleting or ignoring the rest. You don’t want to be one of those emails.

Still, ATYM Market Research found that 27% of people prefer company updates in the form of emails. Thus, there must be companies that have successful email tactics. The question is: what are they?

2012 is the year of the customer. With so many tools at their fingertips: Facebook, Twitter, etc, they are in the driver’s seat.  To get your emails up to speed, you should take advantage of exactly that.

Ask For Feedback

It is safe to assume you already have some sort of email newsletter right now. This will be a good start to deciphering what your customer wants. Through a simple feedback form, you can get instant information. Before you can hope to get any information, though, you need to get their attention. To do this, you should consider your subject line.

  • People will react to numbers. Because you should be giving your customer a reward for their participation, use your subject to tell them what they’ll get. “60 points toward…” “30% off…”

Take to Social Media

Valuable tools you already have are your social media accounts. Whether you have a blog, Twitter account, or Facebook page, there are a variety of ways you can employ them for your benefit.

  • An astounding 42% of people have mentioned a brand in their Twitter. Social media users want to be heard, all you have to do is listen. Here they air grievances, positive thoughts and questions, which are all hints into what they want to hear more of.
  • Facebook is considered a more interactive network, and it’s here that you can post questions in your status updates.  A Constant Contact survey found that 77% of consumers interact with their favorite brands on Facebook via posts and updates. Posting questions here presents a valuable opportunity to get the information you need.
  • Reading through the comment section in your blog is another easy way to find what your customers are looking for. This is a place for them to discuss what they think is missing within the post, what they like and what they question. Take this into consideration as well.

Sign up for competitor email newsletters

Apparently there are companies that currently have an email campaign that has been successful. Because every business and their cousin are offering an e-newsletter, sign up for a few. What do you like? What don’t you like? You aren’t taking ideas, simply contrasting current and potential ideas.

Focus Group

A focus group would be ideal. With an unbiased collection of people, who have been exposed to a variety of corporate emails, newsletters, etc, you can get invaluable information. Within this group you want to ask the right questions, and be very specific.

  • What do you look for in emails from companies?
  • What are the most appealing subject lines?
  • What causes you to open an email?

Website Analytics

Social media marketing becomes more popular with each passing day, because of which there have been a variety of programs created to help businesses measure how effective they’re efforts are. While the software can be used for various information gathering, a program such as Google Analytics is able to give you important details to create a better email campaign. You can find out:

  • What keywords brought them to your site? This is helpful in determining what your customer actually wants.
  • What pages are they looking at? With this you can determine what products or information they are most interested in.

With all the tools you now have, it can be very easy to discover exactly what your customer wants. While it may take time to gather this information, and recreate your tactics, the tools are available and ready. When you figure out exactly how to use them, you’ll have no problem building the best customer emails.

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Bio: Jessica Sanders is an avid small business writer touching on topics from social media to telemarketing. She writes for an online resource that gives advice on topics including VOIP phone systems for b2b lead generation resource, Resource Nation.

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