How to blog for us

Calling all email marketing Ninja’s 

We WANT you and your insights

Here is your chance to share your email marketing wisdom.
Share your email marketing expertise and experience, boost your business and drive qualified traffic to your website.
The eMail Guide accepts your by-lined contributions for our blog and newsletter.

What is the purpose of the blog?

The purpose of the blog is to educate eMail Marketing NewBees and Ninjas by providing actionable insight. Our goal is to teach readers what they need to do to become an eMail Marketing Ninja or if you are already a Ninja we want to help you become Ninja’eer (it really is a word, look it up).

What type of posts are we looking for?

We seek posts from eMail Marketers of all talents that can share with our readers actionable, how to, step by step guides that are supported by:

  • Relevant and recent examples
  • Original quotes
  • Graphics and data

When our readers finish reading the post they should immediately be able to execute on the given topic.
Example include:

3 Ways to Make a Great First Impression with Your Welcome Emails by Kelly Newbery @vision6

What are the blogging guidelines you must follow?

Above all, we would like you to BEE:

  • BEE insightful
  • BEE respectful
  • BEE intelligent
  • BEE strategic
  • BEE true to yourself
  • BEE a Guide (teach, show and demonstrate)

Length – BEEtween 500 – 1500 words.
Cited data – Always use proper attribution citing any quotes, data or 3rd party content referenced in your post.
Links – You may include up to TWO BACKLINKS to your site content in the body of the post.
Images – All images must be original or yours to use.
Duplicate content – We will accept duplicate content from time to time. Please speak to us about this.
Takeaway – All articles must include a takeaway at the bottom of the post. This is a one- or two-line action item that summarizes the goal of the article and what you wish the reader to leave with or do next.

What’s in it for you?

Blogging with The eMail Guide has tangible benefits:

  • Guaranteed industry exposure
  • BEE seen as a thought leader
  • Share your experience and knowledge
  • Feedback from the community
  • Qualified traffic to your site
  • Backlinks for SEO juice or is that honey?

Contribute one time or on a regular basis

Our Editorial Calendar will give you the timeline of upcoming themes. Once you’ve created your submission content, simply click on the link and send us the article in MS Word format (no PDFs, please). Please include all relevant links in parentheses next to the words to be linked. That’s all you have to do!
We reserve the right to change, modify, or not publish any content that does not align with our business practices or readership. We also retain the right to reprint any content we use, with full attribution, in other marketing materials.
Any questions? Reach out and we will BEE sure to answer them.
Happy writing!
Jeff Ginsberg
Chief eMail Officer
The eMail Guide

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